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Carton Box, Paper/Plastic Bag, Retail Packaging, Food Packaging, PVC Box and Many More




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Fulfillment Centre (E-commerce & B2b)

We offer fulfillment services for your growing e-commerce business so that you can focus on other revenue generating aspects of your business.

Conventional fulfillment centres in the market require you to provide your own shipping packaging ( carton box, mailer box, bubble wrap etc). As we sell these products too, we can provide all shipping packagings under one roof.

Speak to us if you aspire to start selling online and require our services!

Common Packaging Customisation MOQ

Corrugated Box

1. Regular Slotted Carton/Die cut Box plain - 300pc

2. Regular Slotted Carton/Die cut Box 1C simple logo/words print - 300pc/dimension/artwork

3. Regular Slotted Carton/Die cut Box multi color print - 1000pc/dimension/artwork

Artcard Die cut box

1. 1000pc/dimension/artwork (multi color print)

Rigid box

1. 1000pc/dimension/artwork (multi color print)

PVC box

1. 500pc/ dimension plain

Ziplock pouches

1. 10,000pc per dimension/artwork

Mini cookie 3-sided pouch

1. 50,000pc/dimension ( can have up to 4 artwork x 12,500pc)


1. 2000 piece per dimension per artwork

Sticker and Labels Printing

1. Typically from 100pc onwards per design


Lost & Found collection and shipping
If you left behind something while in Singapore, we can pick up the item for you from hotels or Airline companies or the Changi Airport Group and ship it back to you with the appropriate packaging and protection.
Ready Stock Items
File Carton Box
Misc Die-Cut Boxes
Ziplock Clear (stand up) for Drinks
Spouted Clear Pouch
(stand up)
Ziplock Full Silver (stand up)
Mailing Box
Surprise Box
surprise box 2_edited.jpg
Ziplock Silver Clear
(stand up)
Ziplock Clear (stand up)
Ziplock Full Gold
(stand up)
Carton Box
Paper Filler
paper filler.jpg
Ziplock Gold Clear Pouch (stand up)
Ziplock Frosted Clear (stand up)
Ziplock White Kraft Window (stand up)
Ziplock Valve
(stand up)
Ziplock White Kraft (stand up)
Ziplock Oval Window
(stand up)
Ziplock Matt Black (stand up)
Ziplock Gloss Black (stand up)
Ziplock Matt Red
(stand up)
Ziplock Kraft (stand up)
Ziplock Kraft Premium (stand up)
Ziplock Silver Clear
(flat base,hanger) self-seal
OPP Envelope
Typical Ziplock Bag
ziplock image.jpg
Airway Bill Pocket
Disposable Plastic Containers
plastic container.jpg
Aluminium Bag
Ziplock Matt Green (stand up)
Ziplock Kraft Window Premium (stand up)
Ziplock Kraft Clear
(stand up)
Ziplock Silver Clear
(flat base)
OPP Envelope
Silica Gel & Oxygen Absorber
Poly Mailer Bag
Bagasse Bento Box
3-sided Frosted Cookie Pouch
Sealing Device
Ziplock Matt Turqoise (stand up)
Ziplock Kraft Side Gusset (stand up)
Ziplock Kraft Window
(stand up)
Ziplock Kraft (flat base)
Ziplock White Clear
(flat base, hanger)
Thermal Pouch
Bubble Tea Cups & lids
Bubble Mailer Envelope
Paper Bag Kraft
Premium Gift Bag
Soft Plastic Container
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